Very happy with my conservatory roof. He did a brilliant job and I will be recommending the company to friends and family

Mrs Gilhooley

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Conservatory cleaning

Improve the visual appeal of your conservatory by getting rid of any unpleasant stains or  accumulation of algae and other matter. While we’re there, we can carry out a full inspection to make sure that the panels are properly sealed thus ensuring any potential leaks are spotted and treated to help extend the life of your conservatory.We offer

  • A free, no obligation, quotation
  • The services of our team of conservatory cleaners
  • Competitive rates
  • Special offers and discounts

/when carrying out two or more services at the same time/

  • Excellent customer care
  • Complete reliability

We are proud to be



We turn up on time. If we set an appointment won't let you down


All our decorators are well trained and fully professional industry specialists.


Our work is accurate and neat. We will use the best materials and do the work just the way you want it


We know how important it is to keep your premises tidy without leaving any mess behind.


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