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Bird Control

It is very important to prevent bird infestation. It can cause expensive damage to your property as well as pose a serious health risk.  If you are concerned that bird control is really that important for your home or business we have listed the most common problems caused by birds.

  • Destruction of the property
  • Damaging equipment
  • Damaging you products and inventory
  • Spreading disease
  • Expensive clean-up costs
  • Public Health risk and fines
  • Spoiling your business reputation
  • Creating a fire hazard

Why bird control is so important?


Property distruction

Bird droppings damage the exterior of the building. They  erode paint, concrete and also metal. Rain transforms bird droppings into salt and ammonia which can quickly damage metal and encourage premature rusting. Damage to your building can become irreversible bird infestation is not dealt with promptly.

Expensive clean up costs

Bird droppings can block the drainage on the building causing regular guttering issues. It is not just leading to a more regular gutter cleaning but cause serious damage by causing flood.

Damaging equipment

Bird droppings and nest materials can be a serious threat to business equipment. The droppings can be sucked into the ventilation system potentially causing interior damage and health risk. They can damage the machinery and, in extreme cases, render it inoperable.

Fire hazard

Birds’ nests can create a serious fire hazard. Birds nesting  on the roof, on the chimney, or around dryer vents are a serious fire hazard for the property.

Health and safety hazard

Birds are able to  access warehouses and manufacturing facilities through loading docks. These buildings usually have very high ceilings where birds can nest undetected. During this time the bird droppings can damage stored goods and cause health and safety issues.

Bird safety

Most people only consider birds as a problem and disregard the safety of these animals. They can get stuck in fans and moving machinery. The outcome of such accidents is huge suffering probably followed by death for the birds.

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